client:    one prize 2014


type:   educational / multi-use


location:    brooklyn, new york


size:    4,000 sq ft


team:   darin johnstone, rob ettenger, jesus guerrero


darin johnstone architects

Smack My Glitch Up!

August 2014

The first aspect of the competition brief this project challenges is the name: ‘Smart Dock’. A dock is a static, fixed entity for mooring or plugging into. It seems the program really calls for something which is dynamic, and connective; a space to foster and support collaboration, interdisciplinary thinking and making. It is important to note that it is a physical space for experimentation. Not really a ‘dock’ but a ‘nexus’.


Consequently, the form and location for the suggested program simply could not be sited statically within the bays as neatly suggested by the competition. In our solution the suggested location becomes a portal to a kind of collaborative throughput. A cubic centroid floating in the central bay is projected out (and beyond the envelope breaking the brief rules) as truncated pyramidal arms to capture light, contain program and actualize a physical and conceptual nexus. Form follows and promotes the flow of people and ideas.